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For many years, we watched the Speckle Park breed evolve from something unknown to a breed to be respected in the beef industry. Our "watching" consisted of articles in the Western Producer, and other farm magazines. When we finallly saw a photo of them, we were impressed! When BSE hit, we plugged away with our large European breeds, and hoped for the best to come "next year." However, the prices remained painfully low, and we were so happy that we didn't rely on cattle to be our sole income. After all, we were doing this for fun, weren't we???

In June of 2007, I saw an ad in our local newspaper of a package of Speckle Parks offered for sale. We were thrilled! We'd only seen Speckle Park cattle for sale in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Due to the poor cattle prices, my husband and I waited a few weeks before even making the call. It turned out to be people who had taken a buying trip to Alberta and Saskatchewan to purchase an excellent young, gentle bull, and seven lovely young cows the year before, and had decided to abandon the venture when cattle prices didn't recover. We bought the small herd of seven cow /calf pairs, the bull and a yearling heifer. Sixteen in total. We were involved with Speckle Parks!

We purchased a couple of registered heifer calves, and now two more bulls from reputable breeders. We find these cattle amazing with their feed conversion, and can come in fat from very poor, dry pasture. They winter well, calf easily, have great maternal instincts, and the beef is the best we have EVER tasted....on pasture only, absolutely no grain! We are getting accustomed to the smaller framed cattle, always thinking in the past that "bigger is better". Our butcher was impressed with the amount of beef from these Speckle Parks, and the low amount of waste.

For the last couple of years we have sold steer calves for 4H projects, and we are including some of these in our Photo Gallery. This year, there will be some heifer calves presented as well. Please call 250-392-3658 for more information.

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